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Infrastructure buildings

Durable solutions made of synthetic fibre-reinforced concrete

Beton Kreisverkehr im Bau mit Fibrofor Diamond betoniert
Beton Kreisverkehr mit Concrix ES ausgeführt
Güterweg im Gebirge aus Faserbeton mit Concrix ES
Strassenbahn Betonfundament mit Besenstrich das mit Concrix ES ausgeführt wurde

Corrosion-free and suitable for highest demands

Depending on what is required, our Fibrofor High Grade, Fibrofor Diamond or Concrix fibres are used for roads, roundabouts, bus stops, field tracks, etc. Even airports such as Strasbourg and Milan Malpensa have been using our fibre solution for years and have seen huge cost savings as a result.
For track substructures, our bicomponent fibre Concrix offers decisive advantages. Conventional steel reinforcement, which can be extremely time-consuming to lay in track substructures, is often replaced completely. In addition, there is no need for the complex earthing required when using steel, thereby avoiding interference with train electronics.

The resistance of our fibres to salt water - a constant problem in areas where road salt is used – and also to alkali and acid ensures the durability and long life of the surfaces, as proven by extensive tests at independent test institutes.

There is no danger to tyres or – in the case of farm roads – to animals, because, unlike steel fibres, any protruding synthetic fibres are soft and cannot cause any damage or injury. Deformations such as ruts are not an issue either.

We determine the optimum (cost-benefit) solution for you using the internally generated static calculation.


Durable solutions made of synthetic fibres

Corrosion-free and durable concrete reinforcement for infrastructure buildings



Long life for highest demands.

  • Advantages

    Resistant concrete surfaces

  • Durable

    Corrosion, an issue with steel fibres and steel mats, is no problem at all with polyolefin fibres. The synthetic-fibre-reinforced concrete long withstands even intense road salt use, thereby reducing maintenance.

  • Abrasion resistance

    Our products increase the resistance of the concrete surface to abrasion caused by vehicles, seawater or other uses. A longer service life of traffic surfaces and structures in contact with water is therefore achieved.

  • Easy to use

    The fibres are easy to mix in and distribute evenly in the concrete. All types of surface processing are possible, as the fibres can be worked into the surface very easily.

Strassenbahn die auf Faserbeton fährt der mit Concrix ES bewehrt wurde

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