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Precast concrete parts

Cost reduction through an innovative fibre-reinforced concrete solution

Betonfertigteil Sitzbank mit Fibrofor High Grade hergestellt
Runde Sitzbankelemente aus Beton der mit Concrix ES produziert wurde
Dachrand Fertigteil mit Fibrofor Green hergestellt
Tribünen Fertigteile in Fussballstadion die mit Concrix ES hergestellt wurden

Efficient prefabrication

The production and installation of steel reinforcement in the precast part industry is often very time-consuming and cost-intensive. And the increasingly complex shapes of the parts pose an additional challenge.
The use of our Concrix eliminates these problems by massively reducing the reinforcing steel or by replacing it completely.
Since the fibres are not visible on the smooth formwork surfaces, and plastic does not corrode, bothersome traces of corrosion is not an issue even over time.
Thanks to its high bending/tensile values, excellent post-cracking behaviour and creep resistance proven in long-term tests, Concrix is the ideal macrofibre for your precast concrete parts.
Moreover, the use of Concrix significantly reduces the CO₂ balance of your reinforcement system.
If necessary, our engineers prepare a free, static calculation based on the latest standards.


Fibre-reinforced concrete solution in the precast part plant

Excellent workability of Concrix in ongoing production.



Reduce your costs through an innovative fibre-reinforced concrete solution.

  • Advantages

    Speed up your production

  • Convincing

    The high bending/tensile values, excellent post-cracking behaviour and long-term durability tests (creep / aggressive liquids) are increasingly making Concrix ES the preferred macrofibre for precast concrete parts.

  • Easy to use

    The laborious process of laying steel is eliminated completely or at least massively reduced. Concrix fibres make ever thinner and lighter components possible. Fine elements and free forms can be realised, such as in architectural applications.

  • Maintenance-free

    Corrosion, a problem with steel fibres and steel mats, is not an issue with polyolefin fibres anyway; even aggressive liquids cannot harm Concrix fibres. You benefit from an increased service life without additional maintenance.

  • Reinforcement

    Due to the uniquely high fibre density per 1 m³ of concrete and the uniform distribution, even the finest edges are effectively reinforced. In addition, Contec Fiber AG has an environmental product declaration (EPD) for Concrix ES in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

Betonfertigteil Fassadenelement mit Concrix SA hergestellt

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