High performance with small quantities added

Durable and highly effective

We collaborated with Empa to develop our highly effective bicomponent macrofibre Concrix as an alternative to steel fibres.

Extensive tests prove its excellent working capacity according to the EFNARC guideline: over 1,000 J with only 4.5 kg of Concrix/m³ at 25 mm of deformation (depending on the concrete mix); the prevention of creep in the bond (demonstrated in a long-term test > 3,000 days); resistance to aggressive liquids (de-icing salt, sulphate).

Other advantages of Concrix are its low rebound and consequently lower fibre and concrete consumption, along with virtually no wear on hoses and nozzles.


Bicomponent fibres in shotcrete

The economical and ecological alternative to steel fibres



Many advantages in terms of durability, sustainability as well as resource conservation.

  • Advantages

    The end product – a powerhouse

  • Top performance

    Various tests conducted by independent test institutes according to the EFNARC guideline prove the excellent working capacity of Concrix. More than 1,000 J with only 4.5 kg/m³ of Concrix at 25 mm of deformation is possible.

  • Creep-resistantv

    The long-term test (creep test) conducted by an independent test institute impressively proves that this fibre structure prevents creep in the bond. The test with Concrix ES, lasting up to 3,000 days in some cases, is unique worldwide.

  • Durability

    Concrix fibres are resistant to aggressive liquids (de-icing salt, sulphate). While steel already shows a significant decline in its mechanical properties after only one year, the load-bearing capacity of Concrix does not decrease.

  • Fibre distribution

    The even distribution of approx. 500,000 fibres per m³ of concrete contributes to these excellent values (at a dosage of only 4.5 kg/m³).

Products for this application

Concrix ES

Concrix ES acts as structural reinforcement and can also be used in the static area.

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Concrix HS35

Concrix HS35 is used for precast parts as a reinforcement substitute and edge p⁠r⁠o⁠t⁠e⁠c⁠t⁠i⁠o⁠n.

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Concrix SA

Concrix SA is used for dry spraying and precast parts.

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Concrix M507

Concrix M507 for temporary stabilisation with wet shotcrete

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