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Special applications

The flexible reinforcement solution for special cases

Instandgesetzte Stützmauer mit Vorbeton der mit Concrix ES bewehrt wurde
Schwarzer Betonboden in Verkaufsraum der mit Fibrofor High Grade ausgeführt wurde
3D gedruckte Wände die mit Concrix SA erstellt wurden
Terrazzo Betonboden in Schulhaus der mit Fibrofor High Grade erstellt wurde

Impressive in complex cases

Edge beams for bridges, cycling tracks, artificial ice rinks, slope stabilisation, excavation pit stabilisation, etc. Many things are possible and have been implemented for years already.
Do you also have a special application not mentioned so far?

Tell us your requirements and we will determine an alternative solution for you with our synthetic fibres, based on a static calculation according to current standards and regulations.


Synthetic concrete fibres for any situation

Corrosion-free and durable concrete reinforcement for special cases.



The flexible reinforcement solution for all special cases.

  • Advantages

    Ecological and economical version

  • Durable

    Corrosion, an issue with steel fibres and steel mats, is no problem at all with polyolefin fibres. The synthetic-fibre-reinforced concrete long withstands even intense road salt use, thereby reducing maintenance.

  • Easy to use

    The fibres are easy to mix in and distribute evenly in the concrete. All types of surface processing are possible, as the fibres can be worked into the surface very easily.

Brückenrandbalken der mit Fibrofor High Grade verstärkt wurde

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