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Concrix M507

The economical solution for temporary shotcrete

Puks von Concrix M507
Einzelfasern von Concrix M507 mit Puk
Nahaufnahme von Concrix M507 Einzelfasern
Nahaufnahme von Fasern eines Concrix M507 Puks

Concrix M507 for temporary stabilisation with wet shotcrete

Concrix M507 is primarily used for wet shotcrete. The fibre-reinforced shotcrete is used in tunnelling and mining for initial protection and for the protection of skilled mining workers underground.

Similarly, temporary slope stabilisation or infill can be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively with fibre-reinforced shotcrete. The time-consuming installation of steel mesh reinforcement is eliminated, speeding up the progress of construction.


Concrix M507

The all-round fibre for shotcrete.


Concrix M507 is a monofilament macrofibre for structural concrete reinforcement.

  • Features

    The imprinted surface provides efficient anchoring in the concrete and guarantees rapid three-dimensional distribution during the mixing process in the matrix. The technical parameters of the concrete can be used for static calculations.

  • Dosage

    The dosage guideline for Concrix M507 is 2.0 - 7.5 kg per m³ of concrete as structural reinforcement. Concrix M507 is available in the standard length of 50 mm.

  • Properties

    Version: monofilament macrofibre Material: polyolefins Shape: structured fibre in bundles Bulk density: 0.91 g/cm³ Lengths: 50 mm, tolerance +/- 5% Colour: yellowish Acid/alkali resistance: inert Tensile/tear strength: 5.0 cN/dtex, 450 N/mm² E modulus: >6 GPa Softening point: approx. 150 °C Diameter: 750 μm

  • Application

    Concrix M507 is used in shotcrete (tunnelling/mining).

Spritzbeton auftragen der mit Concrix ES bewehrt wurde

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