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Fibrofor Multi

The well-known PP fibre for preventing shrinkage cracks

Detailaufnahme von Fibrofor Multi
Detailaufnahme von Fibrofor Multi in aufgelöster Form

The fibre against shrinkage cracks

The multifilament fibre Fibrofor Multi improves the properties of structural elements made of concrete, mortar and gypsum. It efficiently reduces shrinkage cracks in the early stage of the setting phase and in most cases replaces the structural steel inlay for this area. Fibrofor Multi meets all criteria and specifications required of pure, multifilament polyolefin fibres for plastic shrinkage reinforcement. The fibre distribution is of crucial importance. Its quality is optimally guaranteed thanks to our 6 or 12 mm long multifibres. The dosage for underlays/screeds is at least 600 g/m³ to at most 900 g/m³, and 900 g/m³ for concrete structures. For increased fire resistance, a dosage of 2 kg/m³ is generally recommended.


Fibrofor Multi

The multifilament fibre against shrinkage cracks and promoting fire safety of concrete.


Multi efficiently reduces of early shrinkage cracks.

  • Features

    Fibrofor Multi is a multifilament fibre for improving the properties of structural elements made of concrete and mortar. The fibre ensures uniform, three-dimensional distribution in the matrix and efficiently reduces shrinkage cracks in the early stages.

  • Dosage

    For concrete structures, a standard dosage of 0.9 kg/m³ is decisive. For increased fire resistance, a dosage of 2 kg/m³ is generally recommended. Fibrofor Multi is available in standard lengths of 6 mm (type Multi 63) and 12 mm (type Multi 127).

  • Properties

    Material: pure polyolefins Shape: multifilament Bulk density: 0.91 g/cm³ Lengths: standard, tolerance +/- 5% Colour: white Acid/alkali resistance: inert Tensile strength: approx. 270 N/mm² Softening point: approx. 160 °C Diameter: approx. 32 μm

  • Application

    Fibrofor Multi is used wherever it is necessary to control plastic shrinkage and distribute the constraint stresses that occur. Fibrofor Multi is used in the production of floor slabs, prefabricated elements, screeds, stuccos and shotcrete.

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