Worldwide s⁠u⁠c⁠c⁠e⁠s⁠s story

Over the last 30 years, in addition to millions of square metres of floors in production halls and warehouses, shopping centres, multi-storey car parks and exterior surfaces, many precast concrete parts and shotcrete installations have also been reinforced with synthetic high-performance fibres.

Exterior Surface of DC Westfields, Oirschot/NL

For their logistics centre, DC Westfields relied on corrosion-free and robust concrete surfaces reinforced with Fibrofor Diamond.

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ÖBB cable pull shaft precast part

For years, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) have relied on durable and robust fibre-reinforced concrete solutions with Concrix ES for cable ducts.

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Infill, bored pile wall, Liechtenstein Rotkreuz/FL

The shotcrete reinforced with Concrix ES for infilling the dissolved bored pile wall provided protection to the workers. Spraying from a safe distance eliminated the need to install conventional reinforcement mesh in the non-secured area between the bored piles.

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Lego industrial flooring, Nyíregyháza / HU

For LEGO’s new production halls in Nyíregyháza (HU), the building owner relied on the proven synthetic fibre Fibrofor High Grade for over 120,000 m² of flooring.

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Industrial floor at Wacker Neuson, Hörsching / AT

At construction machinery manufacturer Wacker-Neuson in Hörsching (AT), the high quality requirements for the floor were met thanks to the use of Fibrofor High Grade.

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Puskás Ferenc National Stadium, Budapest/HU

At Puskás Ferenc National Stadium, the bicomponent m⁠a⁠c⁠r⁠of⁠i⁠b⁠r⁠e Concrix ES – combined with prestressed wires – was chosen as an ideal and durable construction method for the precast grandstand elements.

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